Chairman’s Message

The year 2018- 19 was challenging to the JSS. 
The natural disaster which came in the form of heavy floods swallowed many areas including the tribal settlements also. Knowing the importance of involvement, it was a time when I could’nt go for a second thought to any help and support asked for. Deep down in me, I could feel the urge to help.I always want to give, not to take. And the JSS rose to the situation providing the Nilambur Muslim Orphanage Committee building, (the Parent Organisation of the JSS) as a Rehabilitation Centre.

The coastal area from Vallikkunnu to Ponnani, Which constituted one of the major percentage of the beneficiaries of the JSS was also badly affected. Responding to the situations which deserved equal consideration, the JSS prioritised it’s activities co ordinating with the affected Panchayaths/ Municipalities. This true potential of the organisation, in which I also adore a top position, was utilise with the grace of The Almighty.

To rekindle the vision, a number of projects came on the way of the JSS to add to the glitter. Some for the rural area( DDU-GKY, NRLM), some for the urban(NULM), some for the Minority( Nai Manzil) and exclusively for Soft Skill Development( Nai Roshni) - all - all point to the eradication of poverty, economic development through Skill trainings etc. Since backwardness is the lack of education and opportunities, placement make our vision a reality. Coming out of convevtional education, we have been focussing on job oriented vocational trainings. The Tagore Literacy Awardfor literacy in 2018 was of course a big achievement, a recognition and overall a consolation in spite of the difficulties and hurdles which came on the way. And together like a family, the JSS go forward with no conflict - no strife - to face the awaiting challenge

Jb. P. V. Abdul Wahab MP

Chairman, Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Malappuram

Director's Message