DDU-GKY is a placement linked skill development initiative by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India [MORD]

DDU-GKY is a placement linked skill development initiative by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India [MORD]. According census 2011, India has 55 million potential workers between the age of 15 to 35 years in rural areas. There are several challenges preventing India's rural poor from competing in the modern market, such as the lack of formal education and marketable skills.

The Ministry of Rural Development implements DDU-GKY with the motto of inclusive growth by developing skills and productive capacity of the rural youth from poor families.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan is the Project Implementing Agency for the Ministry of Rural Development [MORD] 2017 onwards. We providing NCUT / SSC alinged training for the candidates in 4 domain subjects, through different phases.


  1. The leading objective of the DDU-GKY is to drastically reduce the unemployment rate in the country

  2. To reduce proverty by increasing employment with monthly wages for the rural youth

  3. Encourage social mobilization in the country

  4. Setting a standard of skill required for an individual to be desirable for employees in and out side the country


Rural youths are the prime beneficiaries of DDU-GKY programme

Mobilization strategies

  1. Mobilization meetings arranged by Kudumbasree mission

  2. Clubs of voluntary organization

  3. News paper advertisments

  4. Mobilization through social medias


  1. Age range between 18 -35 years

  2. BPL ration card holders, Ashraya family, life, members of Kudumbasree group etc will get priority for selection process


  1. Mobilization

    1. Under DDU-GKY programmes, we use differentiated methods for finding needy candidates

    2. All Gramapanchayath arrange mobilization camps with the help of Kudumbasree CDs

    3. Meetings arranged by clubs, voluntary organization etc

    4. Social medias are the important agent of mobilization of youths

  2. Placement

    1. DDU-GKY guarantees at a minimum of 70% placement for each batch

  3. Monitoring

    1. DDU-GKY programme runs in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures [SOP]. Severe monitoring is an important feature of DDU-GKY. Quality team from the part of state and NIRD from the Central Govt with lead the minority process

  4. Assessment

    1. SSC / NCVT are the assessing body of DDU-GKY, they conduct assesment through assessing agencies

  5. Training centers

    1. Under DDU-GKY programme, it posses unique idendity for the centers

  6. Courses offered

    1. Jan Shikshan Sansthan Malappuram offers 4 different courses in different sectors under DDU-GKY programme

      1. Basic car services

      2. Basic two or three wheeler / Repair or overheating of two or three wheeler

      3. Cook General/Food as Beverages service

      4. Ayurvedic spa therapist

Our training centers

  1. We have three DDU-GKY centers

    1. JSS Training Center Eranjingal

    2. JSS Training Center Nilambur

    3. JSS Training Center Palakkad


We trained 500 rural youths through 12 batches and offer 70% placement for them


Candidates from minority community, Scheduled caste as Tribe, Women, PWD were offered skill training of successfully placed in different sectors


  1. Placement guarantees of minimum 70% of batch

  2. Community wise selection of candidates

  3. Residential or Non Residential training

  4. Free training, TLM etc.